Network Sniffing with Fiddler

Now and then when you encounter a problem, you have to put on your Hacker hoodie and just go for it. That’s how I discovered some of the debugging capabilities of Fiddler. As an iOS developer – it’s difficult to capture the network calls your app is making to determine why weird things are happening. […]

How to Level Up Your Dev Game

A year and a half ago, I was questioning my career as a developer. I love making things, don’t get me wrong, but I was very disappointed with what I was making. Three years of maintaining apps, minimal new features, and all of my ideas were being over thrown. I’d come home from work frustrated, […]

Blinky – Hello World of Robots

Hey ya’ll! I hope you enjoyed my first robotics post and are ready to start your own! This is an introduction to your Arduino Uno. I am still new to robotics myself, but together we will prevail. I hope to pass on what I know and you can pass on what you know, and soon […]

That Time I Built a Robot

I was always kind of curious about robotics. As a mobile developer, I realize how fast technology changes & understand I might not be working on iPhones in 10 years. I may be working on some kind of software-hardware-Alexa-human-body combination. Who knows. Robots. The wheels started turning back in college. I had a professor who […]

30 Hours in Unity

Recently I was tasked with creating a Hololens prototype in Unity. The only experience I had with Unity was a tutorial 3 years ago where every _single_ step was drafted out. I thought that gave me enough of an introduction to navigate around the IDE without too many tears, so onward I went. Here are […]

Cocoapods: Getting Started

Creating a product from scratch is amazing, but if you’re able to save time and effort by importing existing libraries, that’s a win too. Enter Cocoapods. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for iOS projects. It houses over 23 thousand libraries, such as HTTP Networking, Calendar Pickers, JSON Modeling, Animations.. almost anything. I’ll go over some of my […]