I enjoy building my resumé, mostly because it’s a way to express yourself before the recruiter even talks with you. We’re extremely lucky to work in a creative field also..we can get away with certain things (colors) on our resumés that other fields cannot. Colors, are argumentative, but I like to use them to draw […]

Developer Book Club – Full List

Earlier this summer I reached out to the Tech Ladies Facebook group and asked for book recommendations for summer reading.  What I was hoping for was a few recommendations to help propel my career and my attitude… What I received was enough recommendations to propel my whole teams career and attitude – it was absolutely […]

Questioning “The Man”

Once upon a time, there was a junior developer, Alex, who was fresh out of college. Alex’s new team was full of people with multiple years of experience. This made the learning opportunity exciting, while also extremely paralyzing with imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome restricted the junior developer to use only the practices recommended by the […]